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  • Phone: 060-341-2249

why choose us

Pamoja Coal Group is a 100% black-owned business with the prime objective and drive to enhance and contribute to the economy of the country through the creation of employment and business opportunities focusing on the youth and forthcoming generations.

Dedicated to our clients

We view clients as partners where mutual respect, trust and integrity lead to long-term relationships over multiple projects. We have a team of qualified and hands-on experienced managers and employees with many years of field experience to provide fast response and cost effective solutions to our customers’ needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a reputation as a leading material handling and processing service provider through repeat business to clients in the sectors in which we operate.

Our Values

- Intergrity
- Excellence
- Safety

Here's What We Do

Geological Modelling & Interpretation
- Laboratory Solutions
- Process Design & Interpretation
- Process Optimisation
- Marketing
- Delivery Point
- Engineering
- Geological Analysis.

This Also Includes

- Screening & Crushing
- Comprehensive inbound/outbound product
- Site in Pit Geologists
- Surveyors
- Metallurgical Engineers
- Chemists

Plant Hire

- Loaders / Tool Handlers
- Dump Trucks
- Service Trucks
- Telehandlers
- Tippers
- Backhoe Loaders
- Dozers
- Forklifts
- Water Trucks

Environmental Commitment

“Through all ways possible Pamoja Coal Group will strive to reach it’s goal of being a company that society wants to exist, whilst pursuing the joys of technological advancements and extending our service delivery to give birth to customer satisfaction as well as preserving a greater future for the next generation.”

Pamoja Coal Group